Shelly will be sharing general information as it relates to nutrition and fitness.  She will discuss the principles and components of fitness and how to include exercise as a part of your daily life and the benefits of doing so.  She will present basic nutrition principles, the essential nutrients that our bodies need, and some ways to improve overall nutritional intake.  She will answer questions about food choices, supplementation, organic vs. non-organic and what to look for on labels.  Shelly will share her personal experiences and some of what she has learned through research as it relates to cancer and benefits of exercise and proper nutrition.

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Shelly Jefferis

Shelly has been a health, wellness & nutrition educator and health coach for over 30 years.  She has a passion for speaking, coaching, and educating others to be the best they can be. Her purpose is to educate and serve others in the areas of fitness, nutrition, mindset and overall health and wellness.  Shelly’s goal is to educate, inspire and serve others so that they can ultimately live their healthiest, happiest, and best life.