Anchoring the Light with Twin Hearts Meditation
By Chris Garcia

By Tricia Rasplicka

Drums for Healing
By Bob Pacheco

Exploring Acupuncture
By Margaret Whipple

Fun with Succulents
By Valerie Skusa

Gentle Yoga
By Paola Campos

Grief Recovery Workshop
By Sharon Brubaker

Healing Touch Energy Therapy
By Suzanne Rosegrant

Health & Fitness
By Shelly Jefferis

Journaling Workshop
By Judith Cassis

Laugh Yoga
By Bob Pacheco

Mindful Meditation
By Sifu Ed Monaghan

Mindful Monday Stress Reduction
By Kellie Waters

Mindful Movement Center for Dance
By Kristen DeBenedetto

Oncology Massage
By Julia Morrow

“Pay it Forward” Rock Painting Workshop
By Dr. Kelly Cude

By Toi Bartone

Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy
By Ivonne Peralta

Self Care through Guided Imagery
By Sara Fogan

Stress Reduction and Emotional Balance through Hypnotherapy
By Marlena Everts

Swedish Massage
By Arlene Valenzuela

The Art of Flower Arranging
By Kathy Andujo

The Meditative Art of Jewelry Making
By Holly Feneht

Walk, Talk, and Yoga
By Kumari De Silva

Yoga & Music
By Christine Kent