Along with financial assistance to help pay for cancer related medical costs, Circle of Hope offers wellness therapies through its wellness center, the Circle of Hopes Cancer Wellness Center. At our wellness center we provide support to those in cancer treatment, cancer survivors and their families by offering over thirty-six wellness therapies all completely free of charge. At our wellness center, we understand how going through cancer can be hard and lonely. Trying to find a way to cope with the changes that cancer brings can be unsettling and confusing and that is why our wellness center is here.

At our wellness center we care about your well-being and through our classes, programs and support group (ADD), you find that are surrounded by those who know and recognize your needs, understand your feelings and can offer solutions and guidance as you navigate through this time in your life.

Classes and programs offered at our wellness center are free of charge and consist of a variety of programs including Oncology Yoga, Stretch, Mindfulness, Oncology and Swedish massage, Journal Writing, and so many more. We offer classes and programs for both men and women in the areas of wellness, supportive, therapeutic and creative therapies. At our wellness center we offer a range of resources including a lecture series on topics that are relevant not only to those in cancer treatment and survivors, but to caregivers, families, friends and the general public.

Circle of Hope believes it is important to create a sense of community, and our wellness center creates just that, providing wellness classes programs and therapies in a caring and compassionate manner.

Please visit our calendar on this website for this month’s classes and programs or call the Circle of Hope office at 661-254-5218 to join our email list to receive monthly updates and calendars or to reserve your space in any of the classes or programs.