At Circle of Hope, our support groups are open to everyone, free of charge. Our support group is open to both men and women of all ages diagnosed with all forms of cancer. This program is open to our entire community and all those affected by cancer including family, friends and caregivers of those who have been diagnosed. Our support group meets in a warm and comfortable setting known as “the living room” where you are invited to partake in meaningful discussions or to just come and sit and listen to those who have walked in your shoes.

In addition to support around diagnosis and treatment, our support group also specializes in the care and support you need as the years go by. Many clients are still dealing with the long-term effects of cancer treatment, multiple years after recovery.

One of the most important parts of any cancer diagnosis is having a strong support structure. Family and friends play an important role in your recovery. However, it is also important to have a group of individuals that have experienced the things you may be experiencing. Through a support group, you will develop great relationships with others who have walked and are currently walking in your shoes. Together we can make a difference. Our support program is equally valuable to those currently diagnosed and in treatment, and to those that have been out of treatment for years. You will find that you will have questions regarding how you may be feeling long after you are cancer free.

While “you are cancer free” are the words we all long to hear, believe it or not—that’s when you need the strongest support system yet. One of our clients explained it like she was flying to a foreign country—the plane landed safely, but she was in an unfamiliar airport, not knowing what to do next.

We provide an upbeat environment that will empower and educate along the way. Our mentors and facilitators have all experienced their own cancer diagnoses and are now working with others to assist in your journey.


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7:00 p.m.


Circle of Hope
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Includes after
cancer care &
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Free of Charge
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Please call 661.254.5218 for directions and any questions you may have. All are welcome.


Circle of Hope Inc. realizes there are many ways to support individuals, and their families during a cancer diagnosis. We offer a multi-level approach to our program and understand not everyone benefits with just one program. Circle of Hope Inc. has created programs for cancer patients by cancer patients.

Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses directly on identifying what you wish to achieve in the present and future. Coaches help you identify manageable goals and set tasks you can undertake to achieve your goals. Coaches tend to use a combination of inquiry, diagrams and exercises to help you understand problem areas and identify ways to overcome them. This can be helpful in your cancer treatment.

Never lose sight of your direction, balance is essential to your life no matter what you are going through.

Nutrition and Fitness

Part of dealing with your diagnosis is taking care of your body and eating the right way. The second element is getting proper exercise. The balance of these two important factors, while you are in treatment, is essential to your recovery. If you have completed your treatments, a post nutrition and fitness routine will keep you balanced.

Take time out each day, just for you!

Mind Awareness

Balance is a necessary baseline for sustainable success. Wellness is the optimal state of balance between the body and mind. Maintaining that balance, when life demands a division of time and focuses in so many directions, can be very challenging. Circle of Hope is here for you while navigating the unknown.

Use your inner energy to heal your body.

Once you hear the words, “you are cancer free” and you have completed
your treatment with your doctor, then what?

Wendy Thrush

Support Group Facilitator

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