Walk, Talk, and Yoga

This class is appropriate for anyone at any stage who would like to learn and ask questions. Meet at our office and enjoy an easy paced walk to a local park (weather permitting) and practice learning three gentle types of yoga:

  • The Yoga of Mediation (dhyana): Cancer is overwhelming. Meditation can help. Have you thought to yourself meditation is too hard? Too boring? Sounds interesting but I don’t know how to start? Or have you, like me, mistaken daydreaming for meditation? Learn in a few minutes a tool you can use for the rest of your life.
  • The Yoga of Simple movement (kriya): A few weeks after surgery I felt healed enough to start exercising, but nowhere near my former self. Yoga for Cancer “Patience” are simple movements designed to reclaim mobility and soothe lymphedema.
  • The Yoga of Standing poses (asana): Estrogen blockers giving you osteopenia? Use standing poses to build bone density as part of your healing modality.


Kumari Di Silva
Certified Yoga Instructor

Kumari is a certified Yoga instructor who has completed treatment for breast cancer and would like to share her knowledge and experience with those still on their journey. She is happy to discuss options for those in treatment, pre-treatment, or just plain old not treating. She can provide personal, gentle training by a qualified leader, and help you with harmonizing a system of development for the body, mind and spirit.