Stress Management & Emotional Balance through Hypnotherapy

Life can be tricky! It can seem so overwhelming and out of our control. Fortunately, in this course we will be discussing ways to manage stress and to anchor in emotional balance through the power of your own mind and word. You will learn how to perform self-hypnosis, to where you will have the ability to access your subconscious mind. In this informative event I will further go into the ways hypnosis has helped many, and ways you will be able to have a better understanding of your deeper mind. There is no limit to what you can create!

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Marlena Everts
Certified Hypnotherapist

American Hypnosis Assosiation Member
Hypnotherapist Union Local 472
Certification #50237447

Marlena Everts is a Certified Hypnotherapist based out of the greater Los Angeles area. She began her hypnotic journey when she was a little girl, always using the world around her to create states of comfort with the use of imagery. Later in life she met a hypnotherapist who facilitated her journey in getting over trauma. That had such a huge impact on her life that she decided to change her career in entertainment and further her interests in subconscious work. For the last two years she has dedicated her time to her practice, graduating with honors from the first and fully accredited school of Hypnotherapy, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She is certified in Pre and Post Surgery Hypnosis, Hypnosis PTSD, Reiki, Therapeutic Imagery Master and Hypnosis and Weight loss.