Mindful Monday Stress Reduction

Every person has the capacity to be the very best version of themselves no matter where they are in their current stage of life… ever changing, ever learning, ever growing, ever evolving. The goal of this class is to help facilitate making and achieving healthy life goals in order to be the best YOU.

Learn tips on reducing every day stress, followed by a mindful mediation session. No experience or supplies required.

Note: if this is your first visit and you would like to register as a guest, please call our office to set up your brief intake appointment so that you can take advantage of this and all our free classes, workshops and lectures!

Kellie Waters

Kellie has been a part of the SCV community for over 15 years, 10 of which have been spent building her Health & Wellness and Fitness business. She started with a degree in Kinesiology, along with many other certifications, and built a fitness and health business (KrwFITness, or K-FIT). In her experience, she realized fitness and health is a deep-rooted individual process, often times with many perceived obstacles. In order to achieve a truly well-rounded health and wellness program, Kellie returned to school and completed her Health Sciences Degree with an emphasis in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching and certification in Health & Wellness Coaching.

Volunteering in the community is an important piece of her personal vision. While focusing on her degree, Kellie stepped down from her volunteer positions. Since completion of her degree, she has been on the lookout to return to meaningful volunteer service. She sees Circle of Hope as that opportunity and is looking forward to lending her skillset to members of the organization.