Anchoring the Light with Twin Hearts Meditation

Tired of feeling Stuck? Tired of feeling in a rut? Learn to Anchor the Light with healer Chris Garcia. Join us as we learn how to anchor the light from within each of us, our community and of Mother Earth. As Chris guides a short, intuitive meditation with messages from spirit, he begins classes with deep pranic breathing, balancing the chakra system and how to harness stillness. Chris will then transition his class into Twin Hearts Meditation, in which we will focus on blessing the entire earth with loving kindness. Twin Hearts Meditation focuses on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual levels to open the heart chakra. When doing this, we learn to balance and harmonize the Love and Light from within us, which will manifest as goodwill towards all, and flush away negative and diseased energy out of our energy field. Get ready to be in a place to harness love, light and compassion. Wear comfortable attire, bring a yoga mat or borrow one of ours!

Experience the deep peace of Energy Healing Work, and get ready to embark on a healing and restorative journey within.

The power of Healing is Infinite.

Note: if this is your first visit and you would like to register as a guest, please call our office to set up your brief intake appointment so that you can take advantage of this and all our free classes, workshops and lectures!

Chris Garcia
CEO Owner/Healer Bear Paws Healing

Chris Garcia has emerged from his Native American Lineage from the Apache Tribe, following his family’s tradition of healing and offering his God-Given vessel to be of service. Chris has reached a place within himself to extend his vessel for the greater good of all life on this planet. Through this journey, Chris has experienced many spiritual initiations, deep personal work, mentors and certifications. Chris has been healing his entire life, and has chosen to be a conduit to spread light and healing to a multifold amount of people.

Chris has trained and studied under Master Co with Pranic Healing, to really gain further understanding of Prana (Life Force) and how the energy field works. His modality is centered around the hands of spirit, Chris’s TOP priority is to be of service and to alleviate pain and suffering amongst humanity. Chris’s certifications include; Basic Pranic Healing Level 1, Advanced Pranic Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Guided Meditation, Aromatherapy and Oils, Kriyashakti, and Realm Readings.